Security Mesh Panel is mostly preferred by institutions, companies and professionals for security areas due to its strength, appearance and anti-climb and anti-cut feature.  It is fabricated mostly from 4mm pre-galvanized or zinc/aluminum wire. High Security Welded Panel is also produced from 4mm and 6mm wire (Vertical wires 6mm and horizontal wire 4mm) to ensure maximum durability against impacts.

The mesh sizes of this Welded Panel are 76,2 x 12,7mm centers to centers of wires, so it is very difficult to penetrate inside of this fencing system and it provides maximum security for private zones.

The horizontal wires can also be welded as double at 152,4mm intervals to increase rigidity of the panel.

Security Welded Mesh provides maximum protection against intruders and prevents any vandal attacks or climbing attempts thanks to very small mesh size. Security Panels are installed onto posts with screws which are both practical and durable.

Coating and Colors

The Panels are made of pre-galvanized wires. To give a perfect adhesion, Security Panels are coated with polyester coating. 

The standard color is RAL 6005 green. Other RAL colors are available on request.

Application Areas

Military Zones, Energy and Resource Areas, Airports and Seaports, Borders, Prisons


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