FENCE AND CONCERTINA is an integrated security fence specialist and a brand of SELINUS METAL based in Ankara/Turkey.

Our company is specialized on all kinds of fencing solutions such as 3D WELDED PANEL, 2D DOUBLE PANEL, SECURITY MESH PANEL and CONCERTINA.

Today, FENCE AND CONCERTINA is one of the main fence suppliers in the market for professionals with a large product range.

FENCE AND CONCERTINA provides effective and permanent solutions to all kinds of perimeters that need to be secured.

Quality and customer satisfaction are of great importance to us. We aspire to provide high quality service to our customers all over the world. While assuring affordable, durable and quality solutions, we also pay attention to aesthetic outlook of your landscape.

In order to find the most suitable solution to protect your borders, you may browse through our products, or you may contact our customer service department to determine the best product together.

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